weed killer

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weed killer:

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, chemical compound that kills plants or inhibits their normal growth. A herbicide in a particular formulation and application can be described as selective or nonselective.
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Cllr Harper 'serious y it n-Next week, councillors in the town will look at the use of the herbicide after concerns were raised by Cllr Ronnie Prince about the weed killer.
Cops believe the weed killer, called Round Up and valued at PS400, was stolen between 1pm on Saturday, January 20 and 9am Monday, January 22 during the break in.
Opponents of the ban said it would put Arkansas at a competitive disadvantage with other states that haven't gone as far in restricting the weed killer.
Another weed killer, Dicamba, designed for use with Monsanto's genetically modified crops is under scrutiny in Arkansas after the state's plant board voted last week to ban the chemical.
Q My husband sprayed the weeds in our lawn a few weeks ago with a weed killer and since I have noticed that some of the plants in the nearby borders are looking a bit poorly.
He threw weed killer all over my front door and down my white brick stairs.
Anthony Drake, by email: We tried chopping them back then we tried weed killer.
MILWAUKEE -- The federal government on Friday proposed eliminating restrictions on the use of corn and soybean seeds that are genetically engineered to resist a common weed killer, a move welcomed by many farmers but feared by scientists and environmentalists who worry it could invite growers to use more chemicals.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Residents of 18 European states were tested positively to traces of glyphosate, a globally used weed killer, a study said.
Every garden lover knows how useful clear labels can be, from labelling kitchen garden herbs, planted bulbs, plugs and established plants and even weed killer in the shed.