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In addition to the innovative Georgia Jumper, Morrison Soft, and Anthony Weedless TED's, NMFS evaluated, tested, or modified over 30 different fishing industry-invented TED designs.
The amendments prohibit the use of the weedless TED and Jones TED, both of which have deflector bars that do not attach to the bottom of the grid frame.
But mainly I was thinking, Oh, folks, we've got a pretty rich valley here, economically depressed or no, thinking that we're one of the few places left still enjoying the extravagance of bright blue sky and clean green waters and that 10,000 acres of weedless new lawn in Massachusetts can never be worth that young grouse primping in the early Oregon sun, and thinking about the piece I'd been reading from the Old Testament, Psalm 80, about halfway down:
Well known for his hobby of delivering yachts throughout the Atlantic seaboard, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and the Lower Pacific Ocean, George Lackman was also recognized throughout the fishing world as an inventor and held patents on currently manufactured weedless propellers used on electric fishing motors.
Use an 8- or 9-weight floating line on your favorite rod with a lightly-weighted weedless fly to finish offthegetup.
Does the ban include bucktail jigs, weedless rubber-legged bass jigs, jig-and-pig-rigs, spinner-baits, crappie jigs, lead-wrapped flies, ice jigs, weighted hooks, lures like Silver Buddies that smallmouths love, Mann's tail spinners, bait walker and bottom bouncer trolling/drifting rigs?
Vatalaro said he relocated and changed baits to a Johnson Lures Weedless Wonder and a large soft plastic worm.
WONDERDUCK DECOYS Wonderduck's new Paddle Wheel Hen has nearly a dozen wing and feet options, including weedless paddles for thick places.
A shrimpy looking, light, weedless fly like the Puglisi spawning shrimp was the most effective.