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a language of Wales, belonging to the S Celtic branch of the Indo-European family. Welsh shows considerable diversity between dialects


a white long-bodied lop-eared breed of pig, kept chiefly for bacon



a people living on the peninsula of Wales of Great Britain. The Welsh population is about 900,000, according to the 1970 estimate. Their native language is Welsh. Almost all Welsh people speak English. A significant number of believers belong to the Anglican Church; the other believers belong to nonconformist sects, mainly the Methodist Church.

The ancestors of the Welsh people were the Celtic tribes, the Cymru and Britons, which were driven into the hills of Wales by the Anglo-Saxons in the seventh century. Over the course of several centuries the Welsh steadily resisted their conquerors and were finally subdued only in the late 13th century. In southern Wales the people work mainly in industry (principally in the coal mines). In northern Wales the main occupation is agriculture (cattle raising). In the northern area, the Welsh language has been preserved to a certain degree, as well as indigenous features of material and spiritual culture.


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Cymraeg, the language of the Welsh, who inhabit the peninsula of Wales, Great Britain. There are approximately 900,000 Welsh (1970 estimate). Most are bilingual. Welsh, together with Cornish and Breton, belongs to the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages. All of these languages trace back to Common British and separated in the fifth and sixth centuries. Welsh is divided historically into Old (eighth to 11th centuries), Middle (12th to 14th centuries), and Modern (since the 15th century) Welsh. The Modern Welsh language has four dialects: Venodotian (northwestern), Powysian (northeastern, central), Demetian (southwestern), and Gwentian (southeastern). The Welsh literary language developed from the southern and central dialects. Characteristic features of Welsh include, mor-phophonologically, a well-developed system of initial consonant sound shifts and vowel alternations and a fairly simple noun system. The verb system is highly developed; a tendency to replace old synthetic forms with new analytic constructions is observed in Modern Welsh. There are many lexical borrowings from Latin. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Welsh began to acquire official status in Wales. (Books and periodicals are published, and Welsh is taught at the university level.)


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Der Entstehung von Istanbuls "Lifestyle-Communities" ging eine Entwicklungsphase voraus, mit welcher, gekoppelt an die Liberalisierung der Wirtschaft auch die Kommodifizierung der Umwelt begann.
eine nette Poetin sowohl im Deutschen als Franzosischen / auss welcher letztern Sprache sie auch unterschiedene nutzliche Wercke in unsere ubersetzet" (Eberti 214).
Da [begin strikethrough]der Kaiser oft den botanis[end strikethrough] sich Jacquin zu diesem Behufe den grossen Theil des /14 Tages im botanischen Garten zubrachte aufhielt, so konnte er nicht fehlen vom Kaiser bemerkt zu werden, und als dieser spater auf die Idee gerieth von Westindien aus den [begin strikethrough]botanischen[end strikethrough] Ganen in Schnbrunn zu bereichern so fiel seine gluckliche Wahl auf den jungen Jacquin, welcher diese Gelegenheit seine Kenntnil3e im Pflanzenreiche zu erweitern mit leidenschaftlicher Liebe ergriff.
Nicht mehr Hirt, nicht mehr Mensch,--ein Verwandelter, ein Umleuchteter, welcher lachte
To Jeanne Welcher Kleinfield, for her long supportiveness of the magazine, and to the Post Library Association under its several chairpersons, and to Mary Wall and the late Edythe Cecil, both of whom served mightily for many years on Confrontation.
The flower girl was Caroline Steele Welcher, niece of the bride.
Betreffend welcher Gestalt ein Mann und 4 Frauen innerhalb 60Jahren 1789 Seelen haben gezeugt und von Anno 1589 an zu rechnen bis anitzo sich wohl auf 10 oder 12000.
Welcher and Bush point to the anonymous Travels into Remote Nations of the World, Vol.
In his translation of the first lines of Fleming's "An die grosse Stadt Mosskaw / als er schiede" ("Velikomu gradu Moskve"), Sumarokov preserves the meaning, but combines and transposes: Fleming's first two lines, "PRinzessin deines Reichs / die Hollstein Muhme nennt" and "Du wahre Freundinn du / dutch welcher Gunst wir wagen /" are scrambled; Fleming's first hemistich ("PRinzessin .
However, Kafka never uses the term fasten and only employs hungern; the sole word in the story that even connotes religion is Martyrer, after which we read, welcher der Hungerkunstler allerdings war, nur in ganz anderem Sinn ("a martyr, which the hunger artist indeed was, though in a completely other sense").
Egal yon welcher Seite man es betrachtet, dec Einzelhandelsmarkt fur tiefgekuhlte Pizza steigt in den USA wertmassig weiterhin an, obwohl die Verkaufe ira letzten Jahr leicht zuruck gegangen sind.
Die Grenzen der dramatischen Sphere bestimmt der starkste Wille der Ma[beta]e des Publikums, welcher nothwendig die dramatische Darstellung beherrscht und lenkt.