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Tenders are invited for Hot Air Gun With Following Accessories 1 9 Mm Reduction Nozzle 2 Welding Nozzle 3 Feed Roller Specification: Output 2000 W, Voltage 230 - 240 W Airflow 150-500 I/Min, Lcd Display.
Application/Use- 1 To Prevent Spatter Built Up In Co2 Mig Welding Nozzle 2 Net Weight 300 Gm Container Of Plastic/Metallic 3 Properties:Non Flammable,Non Toxic, Non Explosive,Only Made Of Pharma Grade Material 4 Flash Point:Not Below 210 Degree C 5 Specific Gravity:0.
It includes a Saffire oxygen/acetylene regulator, Saffire 5 cutting torch, cutting and welding nozzles, flashback arrestors, hose assemblies, welding goggles and other essentials.
For the protection of welding equipment, White Spatter Shield, also part of The Works range, proves extremely effective and extends the life of welding nozzles and shrouds by five times.