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West Point,

U.S. military post, since 1802 seat of the United States Military AcademyUnited States Military Academy,
at West Point, N.Y.; for training young men and women to be officers in the U.S. army; founded and opened in 1802. The original act provided that the Corps of Engineers stationed at West Point should constitute a military academy, but the growing
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. On the high west bank of the Hudson River N of New York City, West Point was the site of Revolutionary forts guarding the Hudson. Constitution Island, in the river, is also in the reservation. The plan of Benedict ArnoldArnold, Benedict,
1741–1801, American Revolutionary general and traitor, b. Norwich, Conn. As a youth he served for a time in the colonial militia in the French and Indian Wars. He later became a prosperous merchant.
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 to surrender (1780) West Point to the British was discovered with the capture of Major John André.

west point

See cardinal points.

west point

[′west ′pȯint]
That point on the celestial sphere that is due west of observer; at this point the celestial equator crosses the horizon.

West Point

U.S. Military Academy focusing on discipline as part of training. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 729]
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They say Ebola [is] in West Point, but from the time they closed this road, we can't hear nobody dying and nothing of that kind.
West Point has taken a series of subtle steps to increase the percentage of women coming here without lowering admission standards.
Hearts in Gray refers to all the graduates of West Point, who are collectively known as the "Long Gray Line.
Betros states emphatically that West Point remains a premier leadership institution, but "the carved-from-granite exterior belies the growing problems within.
He got in touch with the proper authorities at West Point for approval, drew a permit, and helped format a list of retired and active-military personnel volunteer boat captains.
That's when they began talking to me about West Point.
West Point graduates leaders of character by immersing cadets in a holistic 47-month leader development experience centered on six leader developing domains--
West Point to Pearl Harbor is a unique addition to the many books written about this historical event.
Groomsmen were Luke Robinson, brother of the groom, of West Point and Alex Robinson, brother of the groom, of West Point.
Son of Crescencio and Marie Ancheta of Lancaster, Ancheta is among approximately 1,300 cadet candidates who concluded their training last month with a 12-mile road march from Camp Buckner to West Point.
That strategy is mapped out in The Management of Savagery, a 268-page document written by al-Qaeda insider Abu Bakr Naji and recently published in an English translation by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.
It will permanently close its beef processing plant in Norfolk, NE and beef slaughter plant in West Point, NE.

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