wet sieving

wet screening, wet sieving

Screening to remove from fresh concrete, in the plastic state, all aggregate particles larger than a certain size.
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Sand, silt and clay fractions were separated by a combination of wet sieving and sedimentation after dispersion as described above.
Supply of Dynamic Tri-axial Testing System, Light Weight Deflectometer for Soil, Water Permeability Tester, Weatherometer ( UV Stabilization Machine ), Thickness Gauge, Electro / Force Spinning Machine, Universal Coating Machine, Wet sieving apparatus, Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA),
The particles size distribution of DMS was obtained by wet sieving and hydrometer analysis [11].
6 spores/g inoculum, as determined by the wet sieving method (Gerdemann and Nicolsom, 1963).
Well known for its iconic Alpine Air Jet Sieve for laboratory sieving and particle size measuring of fine powders, Hosokawa Micron has now introduced the Viblette[TM] VBL for fast, accurate wet sieving in the laboratory.
The suspension was passed through the ASTM-60, ASTM-100, ASTM-240 and ASTM-400 sieves gradually to extract the spores followed by wet sieving and decanting method [15].
Effect of sample pretreatment on aggregate stability measured by wet sieving or turbidimetry on soils of different cropping history.
Whilst the most accurate method of determining the settling velocity characteristics of soil is to use the bottom withdrawal tube methodology of Lovell and Rose (1988), in this paper the characteristics were determined by wet sieving to give a size distribution for Scone and Gunnedah, which was then converted into settling velocity using the equation of Cheng (1997).
The AS 200 control accepts sieve stacks from 100 mm to 8 inches diameter and is suitable for dry or wet sieving.