wet sprinkler system

wet-pipe sprinkler system

A fire sprinkler system consisting of a network of pipes containing water under pressure. Automatic sprinklers are connected to piping so that each sprinkler (head) protects an assigned area of coverage; the water discharges immediately from any sprinkler opened by the heat of a fire.
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Tenders are invited for Perform the 13th street tunnel sprinkler renovations; removal of the wet sprinkler system, and complete installation of the dry sprinkler system.
column spacing, two hydraulic elevators, a wet sprinkler system and an energy efficient T-8 lighting system.
Based on product, the market is segregated into wet sprinkler system, deluge sprinkler system, dry sprinkler system, pre-action sprinkler system and others.
While it takes about 30 seconds to activate a wet sprinkler system, it may take 3 to 4 minutes to fully implement the ventilation mode due to inertia and electrical loads.
Availability analysis for fixed wet sprinkler system, Fire Safety Journal 43: 468-476.
2 Cranberry Road boasts 22' ceiling heights on its first floor with 20 loading docks, four drive-ins, 30' x 30' column spacing, two hydraulic elevators, a wet sprinkler system and an energy efficient T-8 lighting system.
extend plumbing services (domestic cold water, vacuum, compressed air, nitrogen, reverse-osmosis, forming gas, lab waste, and lab vent) to new lab equipment and cleanroom, provide sprinkler protection for modular cleanroom and extend existing wet sprinkler system piping to serve new sprinklers, provide electrical branch circuit power to support lab renovation.
The facility features ample office space, 21-foot ceilings, four loading docks, 36' X 30' column spacing and a wet sprinkler system.
The warehouse space includes 24' clear height, eight tailgates with levelers, wet sprinkler system, ample parking, new roof and room for trailer storage.
The Fire Protection System at the H&R Plant project requires the installation of wet sprinkler system in the H&R Plant.
Situated on 15 acres, the facility features 28' clear ceiling heights, 40' x 40' column spacing, two drive-ins, 30 cross loading docks, 3,600 amps of power, a high density wet sprinkler system and gas powered ceiling heating units in the distribution center.
Tenders are invited for Services includes: catering; advertising and legal notices; drain cleaning, clearing and plumbing camera inspection; domestic backflow preventer annual inspection; fire extinguisher testing and fire hood inspections; wet sprinkler system annual testing; lawn irrigation services; pest control services; metal fabrication and welding services; wet sprinkler system annual testing; glass entry doors and windows maintenance & repair; miscellaneous motors; cleaning of kitchen exhaust hood; food products.