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Congress enacted the act in 2011 to amend Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and required that the wetted surface of lead pipes, fixtures and plumbing fittings and fixtures sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.
As of January 4, 2014, Federal Public Law 111-380 prohibits the sale of plumbing fixtures with a wetted surface area containing more than a weighted average of 0.
A stainless steel weatherproof housing, 12-20Ra wetted surface and tri-clamp connection make the model types 2032, 2132 and 2232 the ideal choices for any critical sanitary pressure measurement application.
With its self-draining and cleanable design, the Micro Motion T-Series with smooth 15 Ra wetted surface finish is ideal for accurate measurement in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other hygienic applications.
have demonstrated that DNA molecules separate according to their lengths as they move along a spike's wetted surface.
The Rosemount 4500 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter features both 3-A and EHEDG approvals and provides a smooth, crevice free housing design with high quality electro-polished wetted surface finishes.
Because the SCD has a small wetted surface area, the flow passage in an individual layer makes purging faster and more economical.
Recognizing the potential risks, the Cwmbran-based R&D team at Crane Process Flow Technologies (CPFT) has developed a tool which calculates the total wetted surface area for a mix of valves and weirs, and for a simple comparison (as it turned out a frighteningly graphic picture of the magnitude of that risk) illustrates the conclusion as a length of hose.
While Dymax is suitable for most applications, the most extreme cases, such as extruding highly glass-filled materials could benefit from a transducer whose wetted surface is infused with boron ions.
The result is a 65-foot boat that is light and has little wetted surface to cause drag, while it carries as much sail on its 80-foot mast as the crossbeam and foils can handle.
The die has a smaller wetted surface and lower residence time because it is side-fed, he says.
The flow meter features a wide standard configuration selection of popular and exotic wetted surface materials for service in harsh fluids--from water to acids, to corrosives, and even hazardous safety sensitive fluids such as phosgene.