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The barbarous and inconsiderate greed of these fishermen will one day cause the disappearance of the last whale in the ocean.
Better armed than the whale, whose upper jaw is furnished only with whalebone, it is supplied with twenty-five large tusks, about eight inches long, cylindrical and conical at the top, each weighing two pounds.
But his anger was turned by the sight of a whale which the Nautilus had just come up with.
The free 'Whappy' app, launched today in Reykjavik by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), contains information about whale friendly restaurants, which have pledged not to serve whale meat, as well as whale watching operators, whale friendly souvenirs and an identification guide for whales and dolphins that can be seen in Icelandic waters.
As the first Japanese whaling boats set sail to the Antarctic, Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon expressed the UK s continued opposition over Japan s plans to kill endangered whales.
FOR CENTURIES, whales have captured our imaginations and ignited our emotions.
The industry folklore has given America one of its greatest novels, Moby Dick, and scores of paintings and illustrations of men in small boats being swamped by the jaws of sperm whales.
lobster fishery in the Gulf of Maine could have the better of two worlds: less work to make the same profit and fewer whales dying as a result of getting tangled in lobster gear.
This medical exam offers clues to how the animal died, and the information could help officials find ways to better protect the endangered whales.
Last October, Iceland announced it would resume hunting great whales, breaking a 20-year moratorium on commercial whaling.
Approximately 15,000 humpback whales rived in the North Pacific in the early 1900s, but the population was significantly hurt by commercial whaling.
But an enormous pod of Pacific whitesided dolphins and a group of barking sea lions took the spotlight from the gray whales that my family and I were trying to see.