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bird, common name for members of the Turdidae, a large family of birds found in most parts of the world and noted for their beautiful song. The majority are modestly colored, with spotted underparts, in either the young or the adult stage, although some have bright
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, bird.



any bird of the genus Oenanthe, family Turdidae (thrushes). Its size is that of a sparrow to that of a starling. It has a thin beak that is broad at the base and strong, long legs.

Wheatears are found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. They inhabit open places in plains or mountains. They move along the ground by hopping. Their nests are built in ravines, rock streams, crevices in cliffs, buildings, and old rodent burrows. Wheatears are insectivorous migratory birds. A clutch contains four to eight light blue eggs. In the USSR there are seven species. The common wheatear (O. oenanthe) is found almost everywhere throughout the country. The desert wheatear (O. deserti), black-eared wheatear (O. hispánica), Isabelline wheatear (O. isabellina), Indian pied wheatear (O. picata), (O. finschii), and red-rumped wheatear (O. xanthoprymna) are found in the southern part of the European USSR (including the Caucasus), Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, and Southern Siberia.



any small northern songbird of the genus Oenanthe, esp O. oenanthe, a species having a pale grey back, black wings and tail, white rump, and pale brown underparts: subfamily Turdinae (thrushes)
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The desert wheatear is a truly attractive and colourful bird, as can be seen from Peter Garbutt's excellent photo.
The Northern Wheatear is a species of Old World origin that breeds in open country and in cold and hot treeless habitats throughout Eurasia and south to about 30[degrees]N in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (Kren and Zoerb, 1997; Cramp, 1998).
All I wanted was a decent picture of a wheatear but it was not to be - too dark, too bright, pouring rain, reflections in the window of me leering at the bird table and not a wheatear to be seen.
His identification to sub-specific status for Desert Wheatear and (Persian) Stone Curlew may be open to question since even today, seventy years later, some of these races are little studied and their field identification is likely to be tentative rather than definite.
Among other twenty-plusers are the yellowhammer, the nightjar--another Hardy star as the dewfall-hawk--and the wheatear.
And that was enough to get scores of twitchers lining up on the esplanade, eager to snap the first Pied Wheatear recorded on Teesside for 22 years, and only the second one ever.
Caithness is like Crewe Station for migrating species; the arrival of wheatear and cuckoo in spring, followed by greenshank, golden plover, swallows and swifts.
He reiterated his resolve to contest elections from Gujrat at every cost wheatear PPP would give him ticket or not.
Eggs snatched by Potter included eggs from curlews, a black-headed gull, a shag, a wheatear and a tree sparrow.
Resident and visiting species include some hard to come by species (given their range restrictions) and include crab plover, collared kingfisher and Sykes's warbler, through to Hume's, red tailed and variable wheatear.
Campaigners said the application suggests black grouse and white-tailed eagle are on the site when it was actually blackcap and wheatear.
Mark Scarth, 32, of Wheatear Drive, Redcar, fined PS660, ordered to pay a PS66 charge and PS85 in costs for driving without insurance.