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the distance between the front and back axles of a motor vehicle



the distance between the front and rear axles of a two-axle motor vehicle, tractor, or trailer or between the front axle and the center of the two-axle undercarriage of a three-axle motor vehicle (trailer).

Increasing the wheelbase improves the stability of transport vehicles but reduces their maneuverability. For example, in the case of dump trucks, which usually operate within the crowded conditions of a construction site or a quarry, the wheelbase is shorter than it is in the case of conventional trucks of the same type. (The wheelbase of the ZIL-130 panel truck is 3,800 mm, whereas the ZIL-MMZ-555 dump truck has a wheelbase of 3,300 mm.)

The wheelbase of a railroad car or locomotive is the distance between the centers of the terminal axles. In the case of a truck-type railroad car or locomotive, the wheelbase is measured as the distance between the centers of the pivot journals of the terminal trucks. In the case of nontruck-type locomotives, a distinction is made between the total wheel-base and the base of the driving (movable) wheels. The dimensions of the wheelbase are determined to a great extent by the conditions under which rolling stock passes over curved sections of track.

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It is thought around 90 per cent of executive saloon cars bought in China are in long wheelbase form.
Passenger Seat Away slides the front seat forward to provide additional space and comfort while for added convenience, the long wheelbase is equipped with powered side door blinds plus a massive panoramic sunroof as standard, as well as more stowage.
Prices are pounds 14, 750 for the T280 100bhp medium roof, pounds 19, 400 for the T350 long wheelbase with a 115bhp engine and high roof, and pounds 20, 750 for the T350 Jumbo with a 137bhp turbodiesel engine and high roof.
LONG ON OPTIONS: the Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase can be customised to provide maximum comfort
Its wheelbase is stretched for more interior room and a better ride.
Smith recommends a kind of retro-fitted outrigger for carts to widen their wheelbase.
In cases, where wheelbase is not critical to an operation, the customer can order the same wheelbase as with a standard T660 configuration, but with a higher fuel capacity for traveling longer distances between refueling stops.
With prices starting from PS19,795, excluding VAT, the Talento can be had as a high-roof van, a people carrier or a crew van, with two wheelbase options as well as a long wheelbase platform cab.
Contract notice: Delivery of brand new truck chassis 26 t (3-axle) long wheelbase for highway maintenance baden-wE-rttemberg for highway maintenance 2015th
The standard wheelbase (L1) models measure 4,805mm overall, with a 3,000mm wheelbase; the longer versions are 5,135mm long with a 3,122mm wheelbase.
The standard wheelbase L1 models measure 4,805mm overall with a 3,000mm wheelbase, while the longer versions are 5,135mm in length with a 3,122mm wheelbase.
Sitting on a longer wheelbase than the outgoing model, this BMW saloon enjoys a greater feeling of interior space thanks to the 2,968mm wheelbase length.