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the distance between the front and back axles of a motor vehicle



the distance between the front and rear axles of a two-axle motor vehicle, tractor, or trailer or between the front axle and the center of the two-axle undercarriage of a three-axle motor vehicle (trailer).

Increasing the wheelbase improves the stability of transport vehicles but reduces their maneuverability. For example, in the case of dump trucks, which usually operate within the crowded conditions of a construction site or a quarry, the wheelbase is shorter than it is in the case of conventional trucks of the same type. (The wheelbase of the ZIL-130 panel truck is 3,800 mm, whereas the ZIL-MMZ-555 dump truck has a wheelbase of 3,300 mm.)

The wheelbase of a railroad car or locomotive is the distance between the centers of the terminal axles. In the case of a truck-type railroad car or locomotive, the wheelbase is measured as the distance between the centers of the pivot journals of the terminal trucks. In the case of nontruck-type locomotives, a distinction is made between the total wheel-base and the base of the driving (movable) wheels. The dimensions of the wheelbase are determined to a great extent by the conditions under which rolling stock passes over curved sections of track.

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This means that the new Transit can carry one more Europallet on each of its wheelbases than the 'old' model.
The short wheelbase version can take three Europallets -o and standard 8ft by 4ft boards, horizontally or vertically.
As a result, this configuration gains significant wheelbase reductions, while maintaining the same under-cab fuel tank capacities of 75, 100 or 120 gallons offered by the standard T660 configuration with forward chassis fairings and 22.
In cases, where wheelbase is not critical to an operation, the customer can order the same wheelbase as with a standard T660 configuration, but with a higher fuel capacity for traveling longer distances between refueling stops.
The revised Fiat Ducato front-wheel drive van is available in three wheelbases with gross vehicle weights from 2800kg to 3500kg and payloads from 1005kg to 1615kg.
0 litre JTD engine, for its short and medium wheelbase vans, which promises to inject an added dimension to the Italian workhorse's arsenal.
Both chassis are offered in 208" and 228" wheelbases, the 208" wheelbase utilized under the 34-foot models and the 228" wheelbase utilized under the 35 & 36-foot motor homes.
The Boxer comes in a wide range of body styles that will suit most business needs, including panel vans with various roof height options, chassis cabs with a choice of three wheelbases, a crew cab and window cab.