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see goatsuckergoatsucker,
common name for nocturnal or crepuscular birds of the order Caprimulgiformes, which includes the frogmouth, the oilbird, potoos, and nightjars. Goatsuckers are medium in size and are found in the temperate and tropical zones of both hemispheres.
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Hillman's sparrows, whippoorwills, squirrels, and many other
It was running so loud it muted everything; I could hear it over the whippoorwills and crickets, over Jeff and Lee Ann.
We used to sit outside and you could hear the hawks and owls and whippoorwills.
Yes, taking the best of Springfield and Eugene, it's America's first water park combining nonstop thrills and whippoorwills.
Sapsuckers and whippoorwills in the dark do it, Snipes on a lark do it, Even hummingbirds without words do it, Woodcocks and wild duck, they say, rue it, Let's do it, to wit, Too-whit
Let whippoorwills lullaby you to sleep in your tent pitched on a gravel bar.
In Maine, one could hear whippoorwills singing at night, smell the fragrance of herbs wafting in a breeze, and feel protected by the "larger body, or a double shell" of tight, cozy cottages.
Polly is thrilled when she visits the mountain again with her father and hears the whippoorwills call.
Quail and whippoorwills chatter amongst themselves as they settle in for the evening.
And the two sisters, Alma and Kay, each impregnated by their father, transpired for a while as Whippoorwills, then Doves, but found real joy as Thrushes, hermetic, unadorned, but adored at evening.
On many evenings there are dinners on the breezy back porch of the old farmhouse with whippoorwills piping around the corners.