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However in 2008 the division moved from basic trading activity to introduce whipstock and fishing services.
Accordingly, a decision was made to set a whipstock at a depth of 8,315 feet and this has been successful in deviating the well and it has been subsequently drilled to a depth of 8,499 feet, The forward plan is to drill to a depth of 9,060 feet where a 7-inch casing string will be set, such that both the Permian and Pennsylvanian targets will be penetrated after setting the 7-inch casing on the way down to a total depth of approximately 11,000 feet.
The wellbore was cleaned of scale at the first attempt enabling a whipstock to be run successfully.
The Company contracted with Smith International to set the whipstock at 7,193' and milling tools were used to cut a window in the 5" casing.
By using their conventional Openhole Liner (OHL(TM)) System, Enventure is now able to install and expand through a milled window off the face of a properly configured whipstock.
4 million and the Whipstock acquisition in November 1999 accounted for the increase in depreciation and amortization expenses.
The acquisition of the assets and business of Whipstock Systems Inc.
Ryan purchased the directional drilling business and certain assets of Whipstock Systems Inc.
Ryan has a total capacity to service up to twenty-two (22) horizontal or directional jobs concurrently in western Canada, including the capacity of its Whipstock Systems division.
Drilling at these wells and the McCollam #1, North Crescent Farms prospect whipstock, (Optima 8 percent) continues to their respective primary objectives.
The majority of all re-entry wells in Canada use whipstock.
Th' Chairman kept shaati' an wavin' 'is arms for' em to stop, but thi' thowt he wor conductin, an thi sang till thi guiders o' ther necks stuck attloike whipstocks.