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exposure of fraud and abuse by an employee. The federal law that legitimated the concept of the whistle-blower, the False Claims Act (1863, revised 1986), was created to combat fraud by suppliers to the federal government during the Civil War. Under the act, whistle-blowers can receive a percentage of the money recovered or damages won by the government in fraud cases they expose. The act also protects whistle-blowers from wrongful dismissal, allowing for reinstatement with seniority, double back pay, interest on back pay, compensation for discriminatory treatment, and reasonable legal fees. Federal legislation in 1978 barred reprisals against those who exposed government corruption. Harassment and dismissal of and the revelation of widespread waste and fraud in defense contracting led Congress to strengthen the position of whistle-blowers in 1989. Many states also have employment laws that deal with discriminatory treatment of whistle-blowers.
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11) The act protects whistle-blowing activities of the employee that are based on the employer's violation(13) of a "law, rule, or regulation.
Far from attempting to suppress whistle-blowing, the trust introduced a policy in 2008 which made it the responsibility of all staff to raise concerns.
All of the employees who staff its whistle-blowing lines are former police officers.
Mr Stoten said: "This was not whistle-blowing, there are perfectly good procedures for that.
Woodford insists that a whistle-blowing line, or an alternative mechanism for raising the alarm, needs to be kept separate from an organisation's executive team.
He said: "The panel fully accepts that whistle-blowing matters are matters in the public interest.
The Eversheds study results suggest employers are generally fairly confident with their approach to whistle-blowing, 86% reporting to have a clear and accessible policy.
A SENIOR council officer suspended over whistle-blowing allegations will face a meeting today at which his future will be decided.
It also includes "when a serious allegation has been made by way of complaint through the whistle-blowing procedure" as exempt.
A former teacher at an Islamic school is claiming unfair dismissal after complaining that he was sacked for whistle-blowing allegations of cheating at exams.
He said he would pay particular attention to the DWP's $900 million annual contracting portfolio - which has drawn charges of favoritism and even fraud - and to allegations that whistle-blowing employees are punished and fired.
Tessa Foston said: "There should be an external body that acts immediately a whistle-blowing complaint is made.