white box

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white box

(1) See white box testing and white box networking.

(2) A PC made from commonly available parts. White box marketing refers to the many small companies that assemble and sell Windows PCs (and occasionally Linux PCs) under their own brand name (or no name). These companies often take advantage of surplus motherboards, drives and other parts they can easily mix and match.

Mostly White
The "white" refers to the packing carton of the computer case, which is often white. More importantly, the carton and case are devoid of the original manufacturer's logos so that resellers can add their own if they desire.

In Decline
Due to sales of laptop and tablet computers, the desktop market is in decline, which also affects the white box market. Although there is a "white book" market for white box laptops, parts are not as interchangeable as desktops, and they are more difficult to support. Both the white box and white book markets are expected to continue declining. See OEM.
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Agema Systems' new portfolio of white box switching platforms adds an additional array of open networking options to our customers who are seeking high performance SDN solutions for their networking needs.
Pica8 is the one-stop source for white box networking.
white box maker, recently purchased two plants in Brazil and another in Mexico.
With SafeNet's white box solution, communication between protected applications and hardware tokens is fully encrypted, ensuring that the data passing through the secure channel cannot be replayed.
Network attach rates, virtualization attach rates and VM density, common equipment overlap between storage, servers and switching, and white box versus traditional enterprise server shipments are included.
At the core of the white box is a silicon engine driving all data processing and forwarding.
The new Granada public library is a big white box approximately 40 m wide and 60 m long which is crammed tight into its site in the Alfoz area of the city.
June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recently published report from Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the telecommunications, networks, and data center information technology (IT) industries, results revealed that white box server vendors captured a second consecutive quarter of high record share of the Server market in first quarter 2015.
The first tenants of the White Box space will be the five designers -- Jeff Ladra, Jessie Liu, Kanjana "Cake" Carlos, Peter Papas and Stephanie Bodnar - of the Fashion Incubator of San Francisco(FiSF), showcasing their new fashion lines and testing brick-and-mortar retail concepts, as well as OMsignal, a leader in biometric smartwear that will be launching their first pop-up store in the Bespoke White Box space.
Dataram Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAM), a leading provider of server and workstation memory, today launched a new line of value-priced memory solutions aimed at system integrators and white box builders.
Despite White Box Offerings, 2014 Branded Switch Growth Exceeds That of 2013