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White Cloud:

see WaubeshiekWaubeshiek
, c.1794–c.1841, Native North American prophet, also known as White Cloud. He was a friend and adviser of Black Hawk and by prophesying victory was chiefly responsible for the continuance of the Black Hawk War.
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white cloud

indicates high achievement. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 350]
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As part of Queensland Womens Week, the Leaping Ladies event aims to raise much needed funds and awareness for mental health support servicesprovided through White Cloud Foundation.
The terms black cloud and white cloud have frequently been used to describe residents with more difficult (black) or less difficult (white) call experiences.
35am NEW ZEALAND is gearing up for the first appearane of the British & Irish Lions tomorrow and there's a triple-header of Super Rugby from The Land of the Long White Cloud to enjoy in the build-up, writes Graham Woods.
Bliss Jet will offer 10-seat G450 and G550 large-cabin, long-range business jets, operated by US charter company White Cloud, between Sheltair Aviation's fixed-base operation at LaGuardia to Inflight Jet Centre's VIP terminal at Stansted.
It will be in the land of the long white cloud, where a proper game of sport is being played, and not by a one-man team either.
The family's White Cloud Nine Ventures LP spent some eight years and $660,000 in legal fees before winning the right to construct roads and a new farm building, following a Virginia Supreme Court decision in February.
Eventually, whatever dark, supernatural influence was at work in him was eventually sated, and his call coverage became more typical, with even the occasional White Cloud floating by from time to time.
Far to the north through a vista of white cloud the sun was colouring to a warm brown the bare and bleak Tibetan plateau.
Enjoy the Aldi Beer Festival with Long White Cloud.
It is no wonder that he is known as "Magic" Johnson in the Land of the Long White Cloud.
Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society received $40,000 from the Edmonton Community Foundation to go toward the purchase of a school bus for the White Cloud Head Start Program.
Trudy Ludwig and Craig Orback (illustrator); GIFTS FROM THE ENEMY; White Cloud Press (Children's: Picture Books) 16.