white fir

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spruce, Norway spruce, spruce fir, white deal, white fir

A white to light brown or red-brown, straight- and even-grained wood; moderately low density and strength. Relatively inexpensive; used for general-utility lumber.
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Notably, black oak and especially white fir increased in relative basal area in stands harvested by large-tree removal.
Finally, the big white fir tree has emerged from its box to stand proud in a village hall in Sussex, where it is again surrounded by children and is the centre of attention.
2004); radiata pine (Cerda and Wolfe 2003); Douglas-fir, white fir, and radiata pine (Wolfe and Moseley 2000); and Scots pine, Norway spruce, sitka spruce, larch, and Douglas-fir (Ranta-Maunus 1999).
Because white fir forests were a major component of the region, they were emphasized in the study.
The national champ California white fir has an impressive spread, but not that impressive--the figure should be 39 feet.
This has white fir and violet and is on my wish list.
Tamrac pine, Jeffrey pine, and red and white fir jut into the sky.
ROOFING contractor Bill Miller and his wife Julie paid pounds 115,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in White Fir Valley, Bansko, Bulgaria last March.
This coming fire also will destroy all of the remaining green trees on our family forest, including white fir, whitebark pine and the lodgepole seedlings and saplings too small to be food for the beetle.
Forest Service, said engraver bark beetles that have infested pines and the white fir trees in the Santa Clara-Mojave Rivers District of the Angeles National Forest - particularly in the Castaic area - likely won't survive a year so wet.
At the top of the range are two other scarce trees, the Fraser fir Abies fraseri, with dark green shining needles, and a real stunner, the white fir, Abies concolor, shapely and elegant with soft foliage of pale blue-green.
Mixed conifer--includes white fir, ponderosa pine, and ponderosa pine/mountain shrub community types; found in Spring and Sheep Mountains on generally north- and east-facing slopes.