white fir

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spruce, Norway spruce, spruce fir, white deal, white fir

A white to light brown or red-brown, straight- and even-grained wood; moderately low density and strength. Relatively inexpensive; used for general-utility lumber.
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High on a hillside in the northern Sierra Nevada, an afternoon debate is raging through the ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir over how to manage a thicket of dying white fir.
Once up top, you hike the Round Valley Trail: Gently switchbacked and mostly shaded, it roughly follows the flow of Long Valley Creek, meandering past huge granite boulders, old-growth white firs, and Jeffrey pines.
The half-mile path climbs rapidly (about 250 feet in a fifth-mile) past white firs before arriving at the goal.
Instead of limiting himself to the insects attacking California red and white firs, Ferrell is working with the entire regime of insects and fungi that invade a tree as it dies and becomes a snag.