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1. the hiding place or lair of an animal
2. Golf
a. the position of the ball after a shot
b. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing


Trygve Halvdan . 1896--1968, Norwegian statesman; first secretary-general of the United Nations (1946--52)


A symbolic mathematics package aimed at Lie groups.

["LiE, a Package for Lie Group Computations", M.A.A. van Leeuwen et al, in Computer Algebra Nederland, 1992 (ISBN 90-741160-02-7)].
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For more information on Candi Sary or Black Crow White Lie, please visit the Blue Mary Books website.
Such white lies "keep officers interested and politely let the public know we pay attention," agrees Bob Ricker, assistant director in the department of protection services at the Art Institute of Chicago.
White Lie Early Season(TM) Chardonnay, trademarked because of the groundbreaking way in which the wine is made, is a great-tasting wine that is low in calories, sugar and alcohol, meeting the needs of today's dynamic women who want to have it all.
Times that little white lie by around a billion, and you have the sensation that many high-ranking Pakistani officials must have felt when rumours first emerged that they had been sheltering Osama Bin Laden for a decade.
But Little White Lie, who has reportedly come out of his Newmarket exertions in great nick, seems more likely to bid for a hat-trick in the totesport Mile.
He felt that Little White Lie came on well for Sandown and said that he'd improve again for this run.
A refrigerator magnet hanging off the neck offers a little quip--a tiny white lie, like "I never snack between meals"--to catch the eye.
Who doesn't tell a little white lie at least once in a lifetime?
He's saying that no matter what the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association and all those other associations maintain, the notion that hospitals and doctors are somehow deserving of our complete and unquestioning trust is medicine's great white lie.
When I was young, North Sea gas was discovered Stocks were high, we were told, we'd be fully covered Every gas appliance, in the entire land Was adapted for North Sea gas, flames were fanned Today bills are going up, for investment in infrastructure So we can import gas, from countries like Russia You, in fact, may detect, a little white lie That's been in the pipeline, for years, by the by Next on the agenda, North Sea oil, will disappear It was regulated, to run like water over a weir Yes I remember, all the broken promises I recall too, all the Econo-misses The moral of this story, is don't believe all you hear Keep working away at it, if you have a career Jock Brownlee Wood End Coventry
We all want to paint a nice picture and telling a white lie is how people do this," he added.