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massive hoofed mammal of Africa, India, and SE Asia, characterized by a snout with one or two horns. The rhinoceros family, along with the horse and tapir families, forms the order of odd-toed hoofed mammals.
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In 1997, when Yemen signed the CITES agreement, wildlife trade monitoring network also known as TRAFFIC found that only 2,400 black rhinoceros and 7,562 white rhinoceros remained in the African wild from a total of 70,000 rhinoceros in 1970.
Historically, the southern white rhinoceros ranged through southeastern Angola, central and southern Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, eastern Namibia, and northern and eastern South Africa.
The trial transcripts provide a fascinating insight into competing understandings of the white rhinoceros in Zululand at the time.
On a global scale, they pointed to the success of nature reserves around the world: In South Africa at the turn of the 20th century, the land that later became the Kruger National Park was home to less than a dozen elephants, only three black rhinoceros, a locally extinct population of the white rhinoceros, and a degraded landscape.
KNOWSLEY Safari Park is in the middle of a big baby boom - and they don't come any bigger than Samson, a white rhinoceros.
Territoriality in the white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) Burchell.
A Beautiful spotted leopard, a rare white rhinoceros, an elegant giraffe and three of nature's great wonders that we call elephants.
The elephant with the large notch on his right ear, known as Jace (for just another confused elephant), had been seen by a ranger resting his trunk on the back of a white rhinoceros.
Some of the most memorable DHL animal shipments in support of endangered wildlife rescue programs have included a rare white rhinoceros, a Tasmanian devil, baby koalas, king penguins, and endangered Indo-Chinese tigers.
He added: "The year also saw lots of new births which included a southern white rhinoceros calf, a white-faced saki, white crowned mangabeys and red panda twins.
The country's first baby male white rhinoceros was born there and it has become home to the UK's biggest number of cheetahs, white tigers and hippopotamuses.
The team, assembled by the Gazi University's faculty of arts and sciences and the NevE-ehir Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation General Directorate, found the rare fossil ceratotherium neumayri, a type of rhino that lived in the Anatolian region of modern-day Turkey during the late Miocene and thought by scientists to be an ancestor of both the white rhinoceros and black rhinoceros of Africa.