pleurisy root

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pleurisy root:

see milkweedmilkweed,
common name for members of the Asclepiadaceae, a family of mostly perennial herbs and shrubs characterized by milky sap, a tuft of silky hairs attached to the seed (for wind distribution), and (usually) a climbing habit.
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In milkweed family. Whole plant is edible when young. Showy orange/red flower clusters, pointy lance-shaped leaves. Round hairy stem (no milky juice). Root used especially to treat lung infections, asthma, bronchitis, vasodilator, anti-spasmodic, expectorant. Milkweed-type seed pods edible when young before silky floss forms. Flowers said to taste like sweet peas when steamed. Leaves can be used like spinach. Do not take in high doses or body will purge uncomfortably. Use poultice for skin problems like swellings, wounds, bruises, ulcers, rashes. Some people may have reactions, safer to boil.
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We first construct the labeled ordered tree T in the following way: The white root is labeled p.
There would be an occasional wild white root in the crop which I would simply use in cooking.
Popping out of the ground, similar to carrot shoulders, the pure white root of the summer turnip is about an inch and a half in diameter.
Guess I got a little Queen Anne's lace in my carrot seed last year, a surprise white root now and then.
ey love to be divided fairly frequently - the old, hard, rhizomatous roots should be discarded and the new pieces from the outside of the clump should have their white roots trimmed back to about 4in - the length of your palm.
She sees Afro-Brazilian engagement with and privileging of their African roots and rites as a direct challenge to the state's privileging of white roots.
You need to dig right down and get all the little white roots out or they bounce right up again next spring.
Look out for ground elder, couch grass and bindweed, which are among the most pernicious weeds and try to dig up all the white roots which, if left in the ground, will just sprout up again next year.
Active white roots were used for all other treatments.
The two men's travels would lead them to develop the unity caravans of the early 1960s and then to the formation of the White Roots of Peace, which lit the flames of Aboriginal nationalism across the continent, changing the way mainstream society viewed "Indians.