white walnut

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Tree up to 80ft (24m) with opposite leaves and sticky, egg-shaped fruit. Inner bark used as astringent to stop bleeding, rheumatism, pain. Nuts and bark are antiseptic, used to expel tapeworms, fungus, tumors.

butternut, white walnut

A moderately soft, medium-textured, low-density wood of light to pale brown color. The walnut-like grain is used particularly for decorative veneer.
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General Manager of White Walnut Farms LLC, a director of The Williams Cos.
In fact, many people call butternut the white walnut, a reference to its wood of light weight and color that has excellent working qualities, beautiful grain, and a natural sheen.
Instead of using endangered wood species such as mahogany and ironwood, all of the hardwood surfaces are Sapele, also known as African White Walnut, a renewable resource with handsome graining that offers the exceptional workability and stability required for fine furniture.