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The cost of white-collar crime is thus frequently (and radically) underestimated, both because it is inherently non-violent and because the price tags attached to some economic crimes are so staggering that they are difficult to comprehend.
I want to work on behalf of people who are victimized by white-collar crime or public corruption, the crimes that take money right out of the pockets of hardworking people,'' Mr.
If the justice system continues to fail to deliver justice when tackling white-collar crime, it has serious implications for our democracy.
The group promotes increased awareness of the impact of white-collar crime on society through dedicated research.
The first four steps are: The architect of the white-collar crime makes an entry into a corporation and is given an authoritative position.
If the ICC were to focus on white-collar crime in Africa, there is a good argument that this would be a lot more useful than international development assistance flows.
In addition, he makes no moral distinction between the disturbing violence so often predicated of street crime and what many perceive to be the less violent and socially threatening tactics of white-collar crime, a conclusion that cannot be made often enough given the wildly disproportionate class and racial demographics of the prison population.
Hay & Kilner can draw on a wealth of experience in complex Health and Safety Executive prosecutions and white-collar crime.
CCJS director Richard Garside said: "If the real scale of cost and impact of white-collar crime on its victims was properly documented it would raise big questions about the willingness and ability of the state to protect the population from serious harms.
Her Maryland colleague Prof David Weisburd (a great name for a professor) is also an expert in white-collar crime.
Hawala is not necessarily synonymous with money laundering or even white-collar crime or terrorism financing.
and international universities with a strong reputation for white-collar crime research.