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common name for numerous unrelated trees having light-colored wood, e.g., the tulip tree (see magnoliamagnolia,
common name for plants of the genus Magnolia, and for the Magnoliaceae, a family of deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs, often with showy flowers. They are principally of north temperate regions with centers of distribution in Asia and E North America.
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), the lindenlinden,
common name for the Tiliaceae, a family of chiefly woody shrubs and trees. Most genera are tropical, but the genus Tilia, commonly called linden, or lime tree, in Europe and Asia and basswood in North America, is found throughout the north temperate zone.
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, and the cottonwood (see willowwillow,
common name for some members of the Salicaceae, a family of deciduous trees and shrubs of worldwide distribution, especially abundant from north temperate to arctic areas.
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1. A soft, close-textured durable wood, yellowish in color; used for millwork and veneer.
2. A rose-colored, very hard wood from Brazil; esp. used for inlay work.


1. any of various trees with light-coloured wood, such as the tulip tree, basswood, and cottonwood
2. the wood of any of these trees
3. another name for mahoe
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Whitewood wrote on Twitter from his Santa Monica, California, home.
Mountain sucker in Whitewood, Elk, Boxelder, and Bear Butte Creeks and portions of the Rapid Creek watershed above Pactola Reservoir persist in densities ranging from 0.
of German whitewood to the Middle East - a figure that exemplifies the potential in the region despite the global crisis," said Aizaz Ahmed, Manager, Allwood Trading Company.
As the largest building materials company in the Middle East, we have invested in making green products such as certified hardwood and whitewood timber available in the GCC region, and we intend to use our extensive presence throughout the region to enable project managers to turn green policies from theory into practice," said Frank Owens, product manager of Hardwood Timber, Danube Building Materials.
The company was using limited-use whitewood and new oak pallets in an exchange system.
European Whitewood has also seen an increase in prices within the same period, from Dh1,050 per cubic metre to Dh1,075.
A survey of the prices of imported wood products has also reflected a dip, with scaffolding planks sold at an average of Dh55 per piece, West Malaysia Red Meranti Dh2,750 per tonne, European Whitewood Dh925 per cu m, Russian Beech wood Dh2,750 per cu m and Kingplus Film Faced plywood Dh125 per sheet.
Based on third-party Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis findings, through its exclusive use of the CHEP pooling system as opposed to one-way whitewood pallets, Land Watermelon said it"s reducing solid waste generation by nearly 625,000 pounds per year, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 58 percent and saving enough energy to power 52 homes with electricity every year.
Danube revealed that whitewood prices have also jumped by 20 per cent; aluminum by almost 23 per cent; and red meranti by around 25 per cent.
The walls are Scandinavian whitewood 44mm tongue and groove boards which the company say "provide additional strength, insulation and resilience to cope with extended year-round use".
It is built almost totally of wood, a combination of Siberian larch and North American Douglas fir and whitewood, and is powered by wind and solar energy.
The new sawmill will be located adjacent to Holmen's existing Braviken paper mill, and will have an annual capacity of 750,000 cubic metres of whitewood sawn timber.