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see blueberryblueberry,
plant of the large genus Vaccinium, widely distributed shrubs (occasionally small trees) of the family Ericaceae (heath family), usually found on acid soil. They are often confused with the related huckleberry.
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; huckleberryhuckleberry,
any plant of the genus Gaylussacia, shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family), native to North and South America. The box huckleberry (G. brachycera) of E North America is evergreen and is often cultivated. The common huckleberry (G.
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(Vaccinium myrtillus), sometimes called bilberry, a low shrub (15–40 cm tall) of the family Vacciniaceae. The branches are angularly ribbed, and the leaves fall for the winter. The solitary drooping flowers are urceolate-spherical in shape and greenish pink in coloration. The fruit is a nearly round black berry with a blue-gray bloom. The whortleberry occurs in Eurasia and North America, in damp or marshy coniferous and mixed forests (often referred to as whortleberry forests). In the USSR the whortleberry is common in the taiga, the tundra, and high-elevation regions. The berry is edible in fresh and dried form; its juice is used for coloring wines. Infusions, teas, or cornstarch puddings made from the berries are used as binding agents to treat diarrhea. The related species V. arctostaphylos, which occurs in the Caucasus, is a tall shrub or small tree (up to 3 m tall) with edible berries. The whortleberry is sometimes assigned to the family Ericaceae, with Vaccinoidea designated as a subfamily.

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notable winners: Star Valley (Gr3), Whortleberry (Gr2), Appel Au Maitre (Gr3), Overdose (Gr2).
THEovernightdefectionsof John Gosden's Place Rouge and Francois Rohaut's Whortleberry means that a maximum field of 16 will lineup in the French St Leger at Longchamp on Sunday.
QI came across a recipe for whortleberry, Marco, but have to admit I have absolutely no idea what whortleberries are.
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Will takes her to a part of the park he knows as well as "his own back yard" "down a ravine choked with dogbane and whortleberry and over a tumble of rocks into a tiny amphitheater, a covert so densely shaded that its floor was as bare as cave's dirt" (p.
Boxes of four eclairs (two coffee and two chocolate), of four Paris-Brest pastries, and six berry tartlets (two raspberry, two whortleberry, and two currant) were recently on sale at Picard stores.
The McRevey family tract spanning the Wickaboag Valley from Ragged Hill to Whortleberry Hill has had but two owners since a land grant from the king of England to the Gilbert family in the 1700s, according to Sarah McRevey Burke.
Other successful siblings include multiple Group 3 winner Valentino and high-class filly Whortleberry, twice successful at Group 2 level.
p Reader Gary McLardy is looking for news of various plants he is studying in the region -- have you seen wild crab apple, wild pear, cranberry, waterwort, whortleberry or juniper in the last 10 years?
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