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town (1991 pop. 7,770), Highland, N Scotland, on Wick Bay at the mouth of the Wick River. The town consists of the villages of Louisburgh, Old Wick, and Pulteneytown. It is an important port for whitefish. Tourism is economically important; the area's famous glass-blowing factory is an attraction.


a cord or band of loosely twisted or woven fibres, as in a candle, cigarette lighter, etc., that supplies fuel to a flame by capillary action


Archaic a village or hamlet


a town in N Scotland, in Highland, at the head of Wick Bay (an inlet of the North Sea). Pop.: 7333 (2001)
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Snider said TCO discharge wicks are worn out when the corona points (the conductive fibers at the end of the wick) are no longer visible.
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Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning, smoke and dripping.