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see husband and wifehusband and wife,
the legal aspects of the married state (for the sociological aspects, see marriage). The Marriage Contract

Marriage is a contractual relationship between a man and a woman that vests the parties with a new legal status.
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a man's partner in marriage; a married woman
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If it succeeds in turning round perceptions to wife-battering, it will have done more for the people of Scotland than any other government action in the last decade.
The health system cannot and should not respond to the issue of wife-battering in isolation from other systems, most particularly the women's health services (shelters, support groups, etc.
Johnny comes from a broken home, has witnessed child abuse and wife-battering, crime, drugs and alcoholism, and the public school system is faulted for failing to make him into a responsible citizen.
Many abuses, such as racial attacks, child abuse or wife-battering, occur without direct government involvement.
Feminist criminology occupies an uneasy space in critical criminology; uneasy because while it has challenged many of the traditional assumptions, content, and forms of male dominated criminology, its primary emphasis to date has not been on challenging bourgeois definitions of feminity and gender, but rather on constituting subject women as victims - victims of wife-battering, incest, pornography, and rape - in short, victims of male violence.
At most, in the municipality of Eugene, the municipal court probably heard one or two wife-battering cases a year.
Domestic crimes, especially wife-battering, increase in hot weather, too.
This paper aims to reconstruct some of the causes and the context of wife-battering in Montreal between the years 1869-1879.
He claimed her refusals amounted to "degrading treatment" and domestic abuse, a term used more often to describe wife-battering.
EASTENDER Little Mo's wife-battering torment has been hailed as TV's best contribution to the campaign against domestic violence.
Alex Ferns won Best Newcomer and Villain of the Year for his portrayal of wife-battering control freak Trevor Morgan.