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see husband and wifehusband and wife,
the legal aspects of the married state (for the sociological aspects, see marriage). The Marriage Contract

Marriage is a contractual relationship between a man and a woman that vests the parties with a new legal status.
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a man's partner in marriage; a married woman
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That Xie treats her enemies differently, killing her father's murderer on the spot but turning her husband's over to the local authorities for execution, demonstrates a prioritization of the duties of female vengeance: filial revenge, the ultimate source of ethical justification for female violence, is more urgent than wifely revenge.
GOING back to more traditional wifely roles looks like becoming a trend.
Off he went - without Glenda, who had used up her one wifely objection.
My wife wouldn't let me pay that much," says Paul, more in wifely disappointment than tout-inspired anger.
Similarly, on a number of questions concerning gender equality--including political leadership, equal access to higher education, and wifely obedience--the numbers continued a downward trend, with those who "strongly agreed" that "men make better political leaders," "university education is more important for boys than for girls," and "a wife must always obey her husband" declined from 28 percent to 22 percent, 19 percent to 13 percent, and 24 percent to 17 percent, respectively.
The idea of a return to traditional 1950s values and wifely duties has, supposedly, rubbished 30 or so years of women's lib, threatening to undermine the notion that we can have it all.
Madeline Lucy Smith and Debra Da Vaughn provided moments of wifely connivance in clear and well-projected soprano voices.
After she drew criticism for dismissing such traditional wifely duties as baking cookies and holding teas, she muffled her feminism and went along with a new campaign strategy that played down talk of her as "governing partner" in a Clinton administration (p.
I was just about to unleash a torrent of wifely abuse when I realised I was as bad myself, so I backed away, paid for the cat litter and went home.
While one character, Sadeem, garners praise for her help in planning the wedding party (which displays a suitable wifely quality), the more liberal Michelle draws "sharp looks" for refusing tO cover up when the men enter.
The most complete single ancient version is that in the Hellenistic romance Joseph and Asenath, containing ashes, change of clothes, divine helper/fairy godperson, and 'brideshow test', with implication of handmaidens as rivals, and with the foot-test in reverse: the heroine volunteers to wash Joseph's feet as a sign of wifely submission.
thus] the dean is ordered to warn the said Christiana, and induce her to be obedient to her husband in all lawful and honest matters, and treat him with wifely affection.