wild cards

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wild cards

Symbols used to represent any value when selecting specific files. In DOS, Windows and Unix, the asterisk (*) represents any collection of characters, and the question mark (?) represents a single character. In SQL, the percent sign (%) and underscore (_) are used for matching text. Note the following examples:

DOS and Windows (case insensitive)

 *.gif    .gif or .GIF extension

 a*.gif   beginning with "a" or "A"

 boot.*   all files named "BooT"
           any mix upper/lower case

 *.d*     extensions starting with
           "d" or "D"

 ?abc     1ABC, 2abc, etc.

 ??abc    10ABC, xxabc, etc.

 Windows only (case insensitive)

 *t.jpg   JPEG files ending with "T"

 Unix only (case sensitive)

 *.jpg    .jpg extension

 *.JPG    .JPG extension

 a*.jpg   beginning with "a"

 A*.jpg   beginning with "A"

 boot.*   all files named "boot"

 BOOT.*   all files named "BOOT"

 ?abc     1abc, xabc, etc.

 ??ABC    10ABC, XXABC, etc.


 Good%    begining with "Good"

 _bcd     any name followed by "bcd"
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Now, everyone knows that baseball had no interest in "fairness" when it went from two divisions in each circuit to three--and added the wild card.
British number three Jamie Baker, 254th in the ATP rankings, benefits from a wild card, as do Russia's Teimuraz Gabashvili and Andrey Kuznetsov and German Nicolas Kiefer.
Anne Keothavong, Melanie South, Elena Baltacha and Naomi Cavaday were given wild cards in the women's singles.
The two finalists in the event - to be played on grass before Wimbledon qualifying begins - will earn the wild cards to the third grand slam of the year at the All England Club.
In the past, it had become almost a habit for the Chennai Open organisers to give Prakash Amritraj a wild card.
Four more wild cards are yet to be announced in the men's singles and three in the women.
The boys' 18-under singles finalist and the boys' 16-under singles champion will receive wild cards into the Legg-Mason qualifying draw.
Three of the eight wild cards for the men's singles have yet to be awarded and Wimbledon organisers explained that "at least one wild card" was always held back to the end of this week "in case a player with an outstanding claim asks for one.
Visitors to the Wild Cards site can also explore the entire National Geographic Online site, which includes a store to purchase postcards, books and software.
BAKERSFIELD - From a playoff-qualifying standpoint, what the JetHawks do on the field has virtually no impact on their chances, thanks to a two-tier system based on half-titles and wild cards based on overall records.
The Angels earned their 2002 title against the Giants in a World Series matchup of wild cards.
If first-half champion Rancho Cucamonga (18-18, 58-48) wins the second-half title, two teams would make the playoffs as wild cards.