wild hyacinth

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wild hyacinth:

see brodieabrodiea
or brodiaea
, any plant of the genus Brodiaea, herbs of the family Liliaceae (lily family), with narrow leaves and blue or purple star-shaped flowers. The many North American species include the golden brodiea (B.
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; camasscamass
or camas
, any species of the genus Camassia (or Quamasia), hardy North American plants of the family Lilaceae (lily family), chiefly of moist places in the far West, where their abundance has given rise to various place names.
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; squillsquill,
common name for two genera of Old World bulbous plants of the family Liliaceae (lily family). The horticulturists' squill is any plant of the genus Scilla,
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In Scotland they call our bluebell the wild hyacinth and it certainly looks as though that beautiful cultivated bulb came from the wild flower.
Four custom-cast, mosaic-tiled benches on the platform feature designs of natural landscape elements that were either native to the area or were introduced by past pioneers: the oranges and honey bees; the Western Sycamore, an indigenous tree; Wild Hyacinths, a once-prolific wild flower; and Rosedale's Beauty, one of the most popular camellia flowers propagated during the 1950s.