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see gnugnu
or wildebeest
, large African antelope, genus Connochaetes. Its heavy head and humped shoulders resemble those of a buffalo, while the compact hindquarters are like those of a horse. The gnu has a beard, a short, erect mane, and a long, flowing tail.
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Wildebeest, animals who legend says are assembled from all the unwanted parts of other animals, accounted for one of our noteworthy adventures.
We'll have an elephant, zebra, crocodile, hippo, giraffe, lion and wildebeest," says Chris who has designed the garden in association with Birmingham city council.
Spread out below us, on a distant plain, where scattered herds of springbuck, blue and black wildebeest, red hartebeest, zebra, blesbok, and bontebok, all as wild as the wind.
The migration is an annual event in which the wildebeest also have to contend with lions waiting for them on the other side.
In the meantime, the contest between the wildebeests continues.
In the process, they meet a pair of cheeky chameleons called Camo and Cloak (Chris Edgerly, Bob Joles), and the king of the wildebeests, Kazar (William Shatner), who yearns to upset the natural order by usurping lions at the top of the jungle food chain, preferably by killing a lion cub.
IN A thunderous display these migrating wildebeest spray water and dust behind them as they desperately leap across a river in one of the planet's greatest mass migrations.
Dad and assorted chums form a rescue party and come up against a pack of wildebeest.
By the end of the season), if I'm good, it'll be a nonstory; if I'm bad, it'll be time to weigh in like a wildebeest on the Serengeti and it'll be a fall feed.
SO here we have it, in the immortal words of Basil Fawlty, herds of wildebeest, sweeping majestically across the plains.
Much of the basin is a national park that is home to the largest free-ranging herds of wildebeest and zebra in southern Africa.
Now flash forward to Hollywood, where such rules-based AI has been incorporated in animation software to help create, in relatively painless fashion, complex scenes like the wildebeest stampede in ``The Lion King'' and the Huns' charge in ``Mulan,'' without the painstaking frame-by-frame work of a human animator.