wind gauge

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wind gauge

1. another name for anemometer
2. Music a device for measuring the wind pressure in the bellows of an organ

Wind Gauge


an instrument used to determine the direction and velocity of the wind.

Wind direction (see Figure 1) is determined from the position of a pointer consisting of two vanes (1) arranged at an angle and a counterweight (2). The pointer is attached to a metal tube (3) and rotates freely on a steel rod. Wind causes the pointer to orient itself in such a way that the counterweight faces the direction of the oncoming wind. Mounted on the rod is a sleeve (4) with pegs pointing to the principal points of the compass. The direction of the wind is determined from the position of the counterweight relative to the pegs.

Figure 1

The velocity of the wind is measured with the aid of a metal plate or wooden board (6) that hangs plumb from a horizontal pin (5). The plate rotates about the vertical axis together with the pointer; wind causes it to be oriented perpendicular to the flow of air. Deviation of the plate from the plumb position is determined by the force, or speed, of the wind; the deviation angle can be read from the arc (7).

Wind gauges are mounted on masts 10–12 m above ground level.


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The railway firm has said it did not order the driver to reduce his train's speed because a wind gauge installed near the bridge never measured winds that exceeded the guidelines.
97sec at the 2001 World Championships which would have been a world junior record but was not ratified because the wind gauge was faulty.
The Birchfield Harrier, who thought he had broken the world junior record in Edmonton last year but then found the wind gauge was faulty, was again denied a sub-10 seconds time when running 9.
A faulty wind gauge is continuing to deny the world junior champion his full recognition in the history books, the irony being that there was not even the gentlest breeze rippling around the track during his quarter-final.
Also resting on that divide is a wind gauge that records the wind speed, direction and the time.
7m jump he achieved two weeks ago at Southend when he was competing without a wind gauge, if he is to qualify for the World championships.
The dredge's wind gauge had broken early Monday, jammed at 92 mph.
A certain standard of officials would have had to be at the meeting and the field referee would have to verify the distance and the wind gauge would have to be checked and verified as working properly.
But he was told after getting back to his team hotel that the world junior record would not count because of a faulty wind gauge.
A wind gauge on the Uchibo line in Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture, stopped functioning after it was hit by lightning, forcing JR East to temporarily halt train services between Kazusaminato and Takeoka, both in Chiba Prefecture, the officials said.
Before he started climbing down that day, McArthur glanced at the wind gauge in his cab: It said 67 mph.
In perfect conditions with the wind gauge reading zero, the Welshman scored a superb victory in the 110m hurdles in 13.