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1. something blown down by the wind, esp a piece of fruit
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a plot of land covered with trees blown down by the wind



the uprooting of trees by the wind. Windfalls increase with the age of a forest. Trees suffering from root rot are particularly susceptible to windfall, as are trees grown in a dense forest that are left exposed after the felling of neighboring trees. In order to prevent windfall it is necessary to carry out systematic felling, plant wood stands, and lay wind-resistant borders.

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Because of the hard work put into building the company, they may not necessarily think they have reaped a windfall.
It's natural that we would want to spend any windfall on improving the kitchen and living areas, particularly by combining spaces that suit the flexible needs of modern families.
The recently defined Bank fault is interpreted as the key structure associated with intrusion-related gold mineralization at both Windfall and Lynx, with potential regional extent.
The company drilled 3 hole, 1150 meter program at Windfall Hills two years ago and each of the three holes intersected gold mineralization in favorable rocks similar to Blackwater-Davidson, including hole WH-14-03 which intersected 28 meters grading 0.
Mettle is a separate business entity from Windfall.
Leveraging the group buying power of its 200,000+ members, Windfall negotiates permanent, deep discounts on the products and services businesses use every day.
The study adds that the airlines will make further windfall profits from the Commission's decision to stop the clock for a year to give the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) more time to negotiate a global solution to the problem of aviation emissions.
Meanwhile, someone downsizing from a detached home to a semi-detached property across the UK could gain just over PS120,000 on average, a 46% increase on the PS82,412 typical windfall in 2002.
The very same political risks that have raised concerns over sovereign creditworthiness and economic outlooks have also helped generate the greatest revenue windfall in the region's history, strengthening sovereign balance sheets and the economic outlook," said Soussa.
He is expected to say: "We know that, even as bank shares are falling again, David Cameron and Nick Clegg Ed Balls are still betting on a windfall gain from privatising RBS and Lloyds to pay for a pre-election giveaway.
I am talking about windfall taxes to enable government to achieve this objective.
The Hungarian government imposed a financial sector windfall tax of HUF200bn (USD1bn/EUR731m) for 2010 and 2011 to shore up its budget.