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1. something blown down by the wind, esp a piece of fruit
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a plot of land covered with trees blown down by the wind



the uprooting of trees by the wind. Windfalls increase with the age of a forest. Trees suffering from root rot are particularly susceptible to windfall, as are trees grown in a dense forest that are left exposed after the felling of neighboring trees. In order to prevent windfall it is necessary to carry out systematic felling, plant wood stands, and lay wind-resistant borders.

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Second, it measures ability-to-pay in terms of windfall profit, the amount of yearly gain in shareholders' wealth after deducting the return that compensates shareholders' for a normal investment return.
The decision to stop the clock therefore turns revenues raised by airlines to cover the costs of CO2 permits into additional windfall profits estimated at around 486 million.
It is fundamental that windfall profits be taxed because the companies' huge earnings are not the result of company management but rather the jump in prices.
Now we see the result of this speculation with BP enjoying huge windfall profits.
The Democratic proposal would have imposed a windfall profits tax of up to 25 percent on "unreasonable" earnings by the nation's five biggest oil companies.
McCain advocates a federal gas tax holiday while Senators Clinton and Obama want to stick it to big oil with a windfall profits tax, forgetting that this contributed to long gas lines in 1970s.
The Gulf is the source of about one-fifth of the world's oil supplies and Gulf economies have been developing at a galloping pace, fuelled by windfall profits from soaring oil prices.
UK power companies stand to gain windfall profits of billions of pounds from Europe's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), according to a new report.
The TUC said official estimates showed that the electricity industry would make windfall profits of pounds 9 billion over the next few years thanks to a European emissions trading scheme.
The size of the fund will likely reach 30 billion yen with the number of brokerages expected to return the windfall profits or contribute funds to the account exceeding 50, sources familiar with the matter said.
Bush, whom they accuse of putting into place the politics of short-term greed, like letting fuel prices spiral out of control, which this year gave the big oil companies huge windfall profits.
called for a windfall profits tax on oil companies; the Department of Energy placed a Gas Price Hotline link prominently on its homepage; and Sen.