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1. something blown down by the wind, esp a piece of fruit
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a plot of land covered with trees blown down by the wind



the uprooting of trees by the wind. Windfalls increase with the age of a forest. Trees suffering from root rot are particularly susceptible to windfall, as are trees grown in a dense forest that are left exposed after the felling of neighboring trees. In order to prevent windfall it is necessary to carry out systematic felling, plant wood stands, and lay wind-resistant borders.

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The $350 "FAS 123(R)" DTA (relating to the $1,000 compensation expense previously recorded, multiplied by the company's income tax rate) is reversed to deferred tax expense, and an "NOU' DTA is created, regardless of which method is used to determine the realization of windfalls.
Susan Bradley, the author of Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall, says that one challenge of newfound wealth is dealing with all the emotional issues surrounding money--including other people's unrealistic expectations.
HUNDREDS of Scottish Widows policy-holders have been asked to hand back windfall payments made by mistake.
5 million customers had received their payments on time and the rest were being paid interest on their windfalls from September.
Anyone joining after that date had to sign away any windfalls to a charitable trust.
6 million members of the AA will be eligible for the windfall payments.
4) A recent scholarly discussion of the famous Coronation Cases(5) notes in passing that although "this asset came to [apartment owners] by the purest windfall, it was entitled to no less protection than any other species of property.
But when these asset windfalls stop, household net worth will have to start growing once again the old-fashioned way--by the postponement of current consumption and the resumption of normal savings rates.
A healthy credit profile empowers consumers with more reliable and consistent financial freedom than occasional windfalls, enabling them to access funds when they really need them.
A policyholder in Cardiff and one in County Kildare in the Irish Republic are both entitled to windfalls worth more than pounds 100,000, while people in Derby, Wolken in Germany, Cambridge, Reading, London and Stuttgart could all receive more than 30,000 windfall shares worth around pounds 79,500.
Paul Doughty was one of 3,000 employees at retail giant DSG sharing in windfalls as its Save as You Earn scheme matured.
Windfalls of around pounds 40,000 were today on the cards for workers of car insurer Admiral as the company announced details of its flotations.