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see anemoneanemone
or windflower,
any of the perennial herbs, wild or cultivated, of the genus Anemone of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family). A rich legendary history has gained the anemone many names and attributes.
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; pasqueflowerpasqueflower
, name for two similar perennials of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family). The Old World pasqueflower (Anemone pulsatilla) was so named because it blossoms around the Eastertime. The American pasqueflower (A.
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It is also seen that some burgeons of windflowers were totally dried away caused affliction among nature lovers.
Uy-ur Kacar, a nature lover said that the windflowers grow old when March 18, the remembrance day of Ecanakkale Martrys came.
We hope that windflowers, adding beauty to our district will grow when the sunny days reach the area," noted Kacar.
Windflowers still grew in front of the dooryard, the prairie sod was knitted firmly across the earth beyond the gate, but Dutch DeHoke had gone to walk upon other sod, no one knew where.
He croaked something about its not being the proper season for windflowers.
The eclectic customer moves towards the Windflowers collection, while the more coordinate-driven consumer is more in touch with the concept of Gazebo.
Support with business planning, assistance from a specialist marketing adviser and the lease of a unit in the council's Blaydon Business Centre have all helped Windflowers to establish itself.
She says: "By using very good quality oils and developing my own distinctive branding for Windflowers, I have been able to stand out from the competition.
The seasons of wood hyacinths, scilla, daffodil, pushkinia, windflower and glory of the snow take their places.