window bay

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bay window

bay window
A window that protrudes from a wall, usually bowed, canted, polygonal, segmental, semicircular, or square-sided in plan; typically one story in height, although sometimes higher; occasionally corbeled out from the face of the wall, as an oriel; Also see angled bay window, bow window, cant window.
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Composed of brick and concrete, the building features ornamental parapet wall reliefs, vertical brick ribs that separate the window bays and a protruding central bay that forms a pronounced entrance to the building.
The second fire, which quickly escalated to a two-alarm fire once firefighters returned, may have started as the result of a spark falling through the window bays into the insulation in the walls.
To bring in more light, and make it a family-friendly eating space, Coker designed a symmetrical pair of deep window bays.
Both have deep window bays - still with original shutters - and views over the back garden.
We have window bays and a sunken area known as The Pit for private moments - just you and a dozen pals.
The bulk of the complex, which is well situated for local shops and amenities, will be broken down and softened by a series of gabled wings and window bays on the frontage which curves around the corner site.
The space is otherwise virtually empty, apart from curved steel bench seating in window bays, together with rectangular ticket and information desks, also in steel, which are set between column bases and mask a new stairwell plunging down to bright red basement cloakrooms.
ade at the corner of Houston and 3rd Streets will incorporate very large window bays in granite, limestone and plaster.
Mallory is an exceptional example of the Art Deco period and has many character features, including rounded glass window bays, built-in furniture and stepped units, and original .
The renovation will feature the addition of two atriums, glass curtain walls on each end of the building and projected window bays on the north and south facades.
Window seats: Build seats into window bays or alcoves and gain extra seating.
The property will utilize details and materials from this historic style including well-articulated windows, window bays, timbered elements, wood, stone, and concrete accents.