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Window dressing is a strategy that takes place either the end of the quarter or before the year ends.
Philippine markets ended the week on a higher note due to early window dressing, speculation on second quarter earnings, and amid mixed results from US markets,' said Luis Gerardo Limlingan, managing director at local stock brokerage Regina Capital Development.
Blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains are some of the common window dressing products.
Window dressing refers to the practice whereby managers of non-transparent pools of investment capital such as traditional mutual funds or hedge funds will make changes to their portfolio just in time for the quarterly disclosure of holdings.
Addressing a conference organised by the Indian Chartered Accountants Institute ( ICAI), Mukherjee said accountants have a critical role in guarding against window dressing of balance sheets that encourage entities to take more and more risks until they are dangerously leveraged.
Staff from the Redditchbased department store completed the level two diploma, which covers everything from credit card handling and window dressing to health and safety and team work.
The former Europe Minister later accused Gordon Brown of having a two-tier Cabinet and of using women as window dressing - a claim ridiculed after the glamorous MP posed in a glossy magazine photo shoot.
Several of the women attending Cabinet, myself included, have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing," Flint wrote in her resignation letter.
Second, it shows that despite all their Welsh window dressing, they ultimately haven't changed - they are just as anti-Welsh as they always have been.
DO AND RODENSTOCK Club member James Radley, from Hertfordshire's J Oliver Radley Opticians, has scooped top prize in an international window dressing competition.
You want to scream, "But honey, you don't need all that window dressing to look beautiful, and it sends the wrong message about who you really are inside.
As window dressing this latest "policy" is more charity shop than Debenhams.