window glass

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window glass, sheet glass

A soda-lime-silica glass; in the US fabricated in continuous flat sheets up to 6 ft (1.83 m) wide, in thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.22 in. (1.27 to 5.59 mm); graded AA, A, and B according to quality, but the actual quality depends on the manufacturer.
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In Clarksburg, where more radical technological transformation in window glass had reduced the distance between workers in different steps the production process, workers went with the CIO.
Aurora Glass gathers up window glass that otherwise would be buried in a landfill and turns it into colorful tiles, bowls, vases, candleholders and Christmas ornaments.
Some programs already crush window glass along with beverage glass, he says.
window glass, silicone, paint, wood, paper, 42 x 22 x 19" (107 x 56 x 48 cm).
Products from the Aurora Glass Foundry are made from 100 percent recycled glass, the bulk of which is window glass donated by BRING Recycling, a local organization that accepts used building materials.
LVDTs are also used on assembly lines for measuring the body panel apertures for window glass, taillight assemblies, and headlight assemblies.
Its xenon arc lamps are full-spectrum (UV, visible light and infrared) to realistically reproduce sunlight, sunlight through window glass and bright indoor lighting.
That is, the lamp's output does not match the spectral power distribution of other commercially-used light sources or sunlight through window glass.
The two subsidiary furnaces are presumably related to the processing of cylinder window glass.
Both products have the following features: low-cost replacement lamps, solar eye irradiance control, choice of irradiance control point (340 nm or 420 nm), choice of filters for daylight or window glass spectra, humidity control, chamber air temperature control, black panel temperature control, AutoCal (which reportedly allows NIST traceable calibration in seconds), ASTM and ISO compliance, and large specimen capacity.
By pressing pinpointed parts of the window glass, shoppers are able to get into the store's website to order goods and obtain other up-to-date information.
And certainly that sunrise-glinted golden dome above the slanting red terrazzo roof beyond my hotel window glass reminds me of just how this may be true.