window ledge

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sill, 1
1. A horizontal timber, at the bottom of the frame of a wood structure, which rests on the foundation.
3. The horizontal bottom member of a window frame or other frame.
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Constable Wayne Brown, who is investigating the theft, said: "The wallet, which contained PS220 in cash and a number of cards, was accidentally left on a window ledge outside the station by its owner, a 33-year-old man from Nottingham.
The exchange started when a link was posted on a publicallyviewable Facebook profile about a suicidal man in China who was blasted indoors from a window ledge with a high-pressure hose.
AN "attention seeker" died after he fell off a sixth floor tower block window ledge during a drunken party in Birmingham, an inquest heard.
30am yesterday after reports that a man had climbed on to the window ledge of a top-bedroom bay window in Devonshire Road, Toxteth and was shouting.
Patricia Williams e-mailed that she was surprised when she moved from country to city to find that mourning doves would swoop onto her window ledge to eat birdseed without ever hitting the windows.
Suspect climbed on to the window ledge at the side of the property, further opened an already open window and climbed into the kitchen and conducted a tidy search.
A 55-YEAR-OLD man on a window ledge who threatened to harm himself sparked a major emergency response.
YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT'S COLD: A man looks at icicles on a window ledge in Uzice, 200km southwest of Belgrade, Serbia
The man, simply known as "Memeth J", who was asleep when the fire broke out, had to climb naked on to the window ledge.
A Chinese girl, whose fiance decided to dump her on their wedding day, attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the 7th story window ledge in Changchun City, Ji'lin Province.
On a visit to Weathercock House once, I expressed concern to Jenny Pitman about the Gold Cup she had sitting on a window ledge in her office.
Distraught, a 20-year-old Iranian sought peace on a window ledge of the 25th floor of a condominium in Malaysia's capital.