window lift

window lift, sash lift

A handle, or the like, secured to a sliding sash (usually the lower rail) to assist in raising or lowering it.
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In the future, power window lift and power trunk lift system design will be completely transformed; other automotive applications with space restrictions, such as sun roofs and seat adjustment, will also benefit.
They wanted me to help resolve issues with their window lift systems, which led to me producing door wiring harnesses.
It assists operators working on the recently revealed XK coupe and convertible to position the window lift mechanisms during build.
a Peterborough, Ontario, Canada zinc diecaster, has been named "Supplier of the Year" by Hi-Lex Controls, a manufacturer of automotive window lift regulators.
Low Weight Window Lift Drive for Improved Automotive Fuel Economy
Many automotive body electronic subsystems including door lock, window lift, wiper, light system, sun, and rain sensors are connected via LIN networks.
The company is to produce and sell DC motors and systems for wiper, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), engine cooling and window lift applications for the Indian automotive market.
Delphi is able to achieve greater efficiency with its Wet/Dry product by incorporating the entire window lift and guidance system, the handle and latching system, door wiring, audio components and water barrier into one unit, Including the water barrier is especially important since the part's installation is currently one of the most labor-intensive door processes on the assembly line.
If an engine, a gearbox, a window lift motor, a nut or a washer can be used in seven or eight different models rather than just one, the saving on costs is enormous.
Inteva designs, engineers, manufactures, and assembles Interior Systems, Cockpits, Latch and Closure Systems, Door Module and Window Lift Systems, and Advanced Materials for leading OEMs around the globe.
Many Automotive body electronic subsystems such as door locks, window lift, wipers, lighting systems, sun and rain sensors are connected via LIN networks.