window stop

inside stop, bead stop, inner bead, stop bead, window bead, window stop

In a double-hung window, a strip of wood fixed to the casing, along the inner edge of the inner sash; restricts the motion of the sash to a vertical plane.

sash stop

A small strip nailed or screwed around a cased frame to hold a sash (of a double-hung window) in place; also called a window stop.
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Tenders are invited for Doors And Window Stop To Drg No.
At the time of the project, Skyline Windows had a proposal pending with the health Department for a window stop that previously could only be used through the issuance of a variance.
Shorter lines, faster service, one less window stop and no need for cash are just some of the benefits that consumers will soon be able to enjoy at quick service drive-thru restaurants across the nation.
Tenders are invited for Door And Window Stop Side Door To Irs Drg.
Super Stopper Window Stop & Sliding Door Stop -- These sturdy home safety devices limit window or sliding door openings to help prevent accidental falls.
Mount window guards or window stops to prevent children from potentially falling from a window.
The incident with the young boy falling out of the window was preventable, but happened because, while window stops were provided to limit the window opening size, the window stops were not routinely checked and maintained to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches.
Install window stops: Window stops can be placed on the window frame to stop it from opening up to not more than four inches wide.
She nailed all the window stops herself, and it looks like an expert did it.
Window guards must meet certain requirements for spacing and strength and should be used in conjunction with window stops, which prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches above the top bar of the window guard.
The result is an illusion of spaciousness; it's difficult to tell where the window stops and where the mirror begins.