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see threshingthreshing
or thrashing,
separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail.
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Frank Blateri is CEO of Winnow Companies Inc, a full service supply chain management solutions company that offers unique supply chain solutions that assist clients in the entire logistical process from product design and patenting to marketing, sales and distribution of products on a global scale.
Winnow for any reason elicits screams, cries, and pleas to let her die.
Partnering with Winnow puts us in the best position to help our customers improve their ability to deliver quality software and achieve the level of agility that's right for them," Bustamante said.
Winnow Companies is the first complete supply chain solutions company
We provide clients with cost-effective methods to growing their business and market share both domestically and internationally," said Frank Blateri, CEO of Winnow.
Panelists will likely conduct public interviews over the coming weeks and winnow the pool of hopefuls to a small group, from which council members will pluck an appointee to serve out Smyth's term through April 2008.
Using a market-driven validation and prioritization process, we winnow down ideas to the ones with the highest potential impact.
As this is being written, Cox is still on a short list of active candidates, but there has been little word on how quickly the administration might move or just what criteria is being used to winnow the field.
I gather, edit and winnow the news to bring it into a concise form for farmers.
Of course, there again, to get those few good choreographers you may have to winnow them out from under an awful lot, indeed a positively deplorable lot, of bad choreographers.
Trump this season to help him winnow the show's contestants down to one winning Apprentice.
However, the point of exams is partly to ensure everyone reaches an acceptable standard of education and partly to winnow out those who can achieve so much more.