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see threshingthreshing
or thrashing,
separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail.
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We winnowed the competition down to three finalists," says Sussman.
The ITV reality series winnowed down 10,000 hopefuls belting out tunes to one lucky singer voted on by viewers.
Seattle, has winnowed $21 million in premiums and canceled 164 unprofitable insurance agencies from its stable of independent agents during an ongoing review of its property/casualty book of business, company officials said during a meeting in New York with equity analysts.
Once that list has been assembled, lists of candidate clients can be winnowed further or enhanced by using yet other databases that provide information on each company's key personnel and their backgrounds, its overall financial condition and profitability, current audit firm and a wealth of other useful information.
The 222 films that were submitted to the Fylmz Festival this year were winnowed down by Fylmz.
Contestants for the ``Hottest Mom in America'' show will be winnowed from winners of qualifying contests nationwide.
The materials collected in directories are findable on the web, for the most part; they have the advantage of having been winnowed already from the chaff of extraneous data.
Oregon higher education officials have winnowed their list of chancellor candidates to three finalists.
Beginning in September 2000 with nearly 100 names from Europe and the US, the board winnowed the list to seven by December and cast their votes.
Using clues from the meteorite's composition and structure, the planetary scientist winnowed its place of origin down to 2 out of 42,283 Mars impact craters in her computer database.
com online community, who winnowed hundreds of submissions down according to the resonance of a film's trailer, its apparent spirit, and its technical values.
Rather than selecting a top honoree, the hosts instead winnowed the list down to 15 finalists they believed set good examples for other people in business.