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see threshingthreshing
or thrashing,
separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail.
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Instead of three groups that flow from Paring to Winnowing to Building, they saw, instead, four discrete and independent groups, Parers, Winnowers, Builders, and Dual-Channel students.
While these maneuvers have worked wonders for the balance sheet, revenue growth has lagged, partly because of the winnowing effect of the new credit standards.
And suddenly, those alleged capitalists, who once argued that the market justified their vast profits, now want the legal system to prevent the free market from doing its work of winnowing creative content.
By winnowing the genetic library down to fewer and fewer genes, the investigators finally found a single gene whose protein was required for cell-cell fusion.
states, "CaseVault has successfully integrated the powerful Semetric 64 concept search engine into the development of a unique winnowing platform.
Since February, we've been in the process of actively seeking out proposals from developers and winnowing the field down to a more workable number,'' airport spokesman Victor Gill said.
Although most plants grow better with extra CO2, the ones most sensitive to the gas will tend to drive out the less responsive types, thereby winnowing the number of species present in forests.
In each chapter of The Perfect Name, a couple fills in worksheets together, separately, and together again, each time building, and winnowing the list of names until the final cut.
John Walsh, a longtime MTA critic and community activist, said the selection process of winnowing the five candidates to head the MTA was done in total secrecy.
Such drastic winnowing of Permian organisms allowed new forms to rise in prominence, ultimately leading to the ascendance of the dinosaurs.