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(jargon, architecture)
A term describing any computer platform consisting of some version of Microsoft Windows running on an Intel 80x86 processor or compatible.

Despite the dominance of the wintel platform, in its many forms, from MS-DOS on an Intel 8088 to Windows 2000 on a Pentium II Xeon, there are many "non-wintel" platforms in use. These include Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Atari, A\Box, Be, Network Computer, OS/2, PowerPC, Psion, Linux and all other Unix systems.

Convergence International.


(WINdows InTEL) The world's largest desktop and laptop computer environment, which is Windows running on an Intel CPU. See Lintel and Mactel.
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The stuff really works," stated Peter Fung Kee Fung, head of customer strategic development for WINTEL.
Allplus Computer Systems is both the reselling and deployment partner for WINTEL, assisting the service provider with their equipment, installation and operational needs.
In teaming with WINTEL to deploy the Navini Networks solution in Trinidad and Tobago, we are confident it is just the first among many Navini deployments throughout the region," said Wilson Cruz, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Allplus Computer Systems.
The Sun Fire V880 server's performance is often superior to Wintel servers on many levels.
The new version provides support personnel with a consistent look and feel, access to comprehensive help desk functionality, and the ability to fully customize the environment through both the WinTel client and a Web browser.
The new Magic Help Desk - SupportMagic Edition allows us to automate and access our IT support environment through either the WinTel client or a Web browser to meet our organization's specific requirements.
customization and easy to-use tools via a WinTel client to: define and
The merged organization will combine TPV's strong Wintel sales and technical capabilities with GE Capital IT Solutions Mexico's established strengths in high-end client/server networking and enterprise computing.
said, "We are pleased with the improvement of our domestic business, represented by good growth in Wintel products.
5% over 1996 with an 18% increase in Wintel sales partially offset by the 15% decline in Macintosh sales.
The new white paper, titled "Vanishing Wintel Dominance -- Possible and Probable Scenarios," is available free of charge.
The Power Architecture proliferation strategy execution indicates IBM's intention to outflank Wintel with Power on Linux.