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There is also steel wire wrapping to protect air line, and an easy-to-operate foot pedal.
There are two of them in my knee - with a metal wire wrapping up the pins to keep the kneecap together.
Participants learn basic jewelry making, wire wrapping and stringing techniques.
A guide to gemstones accompanies instructions on wire wrapping and color photos of everything from rings to earrings in a presentation packed with delightful project options.
Product and process synergies that expand the ability of both companies to service their customer bases as a "one-stop-shop" for custom molded cables, RF cables, wire wrapping, and complex wire harnesses.
TSgt Campbell was observing Aft Optical Bench (AOB) maintenance in the Airborne Laser clean room when he noticed that current wire wrapping and securing did not appear to meet Air Force and contractor standards.
Bently's collection features King Tutankhamen's iconic scarab motif and a silver wire wrapping jewelry technique from the later era of Cleopatra.
Basic jewelry making, wire wrapping and stringing techniques will be taught at a workshop lead by Dee Lund from The Bead Addiction from 2 p.
Armstrong introduces the ancient art of wire wrap jewelry making by teaching basic wire wrapping techniques that, when combined with imagination, transform cabochon cut gemstones into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.
After noticing that current wire wrapping did not appear to meet Air Force and contractor standards, he researched and suggested implementation of Air Force Instruction standards.
Present production rates indicate one wire wrapping line can produce about 10 miles of finished cable per day.
Coss was the Chief Design Engineer for Standard Pneumatic Motor Company, designing small screwdrivers, wire wrapping tools, and grinders.