wireless bridge

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wireless bridge

(1) See Wi-Fi bridge.

(2) A device that connects two LAN segments together via infrared or microwave transmission. A wireless bridge is often used to span buildings and provides a more economical method than laying cable or leasing a private line. Long distance wireless bridges often require line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver; however, bridges used inside a home or building that add remote devices to a Wi-Fi network do not (see Wi-Fi bridge).

Spanning Geographic Areas
A wireless bridge is used to span buildings or areas where laying cable or leasing lines is prohibitive.

Securing Hotspot Access
A wireless bridge can also be used to secure a local wireless network that accesses the Internet via a public hotspot. By wiring the bridge into the WAN port of the router, it serves as a gateway between the private encrypted network and the hotspot, which is not encrypted.
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In addition to becoming a qualified supplier of WLAN AP for China Telecom in Guangdong province this year, GrenTech also participated in a number of China Telecom's wireless network bridge projects in Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi and Guangxi provinces in 2007.
The new EZ-Bridge[TM] wireless network bridge systems come complete with everything needed for a typical installation.
a company with wireless experience dating back to 1976, has introduced the HD26200, a complete outdoor wireless network bridge in the 802.
Besides, the firm has also shipped over 40,000 sets of PLCs for use in household wireless network bridges to a Greek telecom company so far this year, and projected sales of the product line to contribute between NT$50 million (US$1.
Leading Electronic Interconnect Company Extends its Wired Premises and Campus Structured Cabling Systems By Adding Canobeam to Provide High-Bandwidth, Wireless Network Bridges
Teletronics designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high-speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges, and routers.

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