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a flock of birds, esp snipe


["An Experiment with a Self-Compiling Compiler for a Simple List-Processing Language", M.V. Wilkes, Ann Rev Automatic Programming 4:1-48. (1964)].


(Wireless ISP) An Internet service provider (ISP) that transmits wireless. Using WiMAX and other radio technologies, WISPs generally provide "last mile" connectivity directly to homes and businesses where DSL and cable services are not available.

Mobile Wireless
Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are technically "mobile WISPs;" however, they are generally called "cellular carriers" or "mobile carriers."

Fixed Wireless
In contrast, "fixed wireless WISPs" mount antennas on tall buildings with line of sight to their customers or to other antennas that relay the signals around obstacles. WISPs became popular in rural and outlying areas, because they were the only high-speed Internet connection available; however, they are increasingly being deployed in urban areas competing with the giant ISPs.

Companies use WISPs for regular Internet access as well as for backup in case their wired connection fails. See WiMAX, ISP, fixed wireless, Clearwire, WISPr and 802.11.

netBlazr 5-Star Service in Boston
Providing Internet access to residences, apartment houses and commercial buildings, netBlazr features performance at reasonable prices. These antennas, which receive line-of-sight signals in the 5 GHz band, are installed by the company and plug directly into the user's computer or network. (Images courtesy of netBlazr, www.netblazr.com)
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That's right, WISP chips are the only ones in the world that can be wirelessly reprogrammed, a feat that other RFID devices that power themselves off stray radio transmissions like television and mobile base stations still cannot do.
common in end-user routers, a WISP connection can be added to the
Use White Wisps when Sonic is running to give him boost.
Through disposing of the WISP assets to an institutional long lease fund in this way, we believe that we have created an association with an organisation aligned to the longer term outcomes for WISP in Wales and an enduring partnership with Welsh ministers.
We have brought them all home and are going to bury Wisp on the farm," she said.
As the family was preparing to go to a Boro game at the Riverside Stadium, Wisp somehow managed to wrap my daughter Antonia's scarf around her (Wisp's) neck.
MADE UP: Oz star Tiffany Chapman and Wisp a prepare for their pan to appearance at the Neptune
California Highway Patrol Officer John Escobedo was on Highway 39 when the wisp of smoke caught his eyes.
WISP NOMAD solves that problem by recognizing the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) carriers that are available and automatically selects the appropriate carrier to eliminate roaming charges.
The WiSP Breach of Security Losses Insurance product is designed in the event of the following: Web site revenue and advertising loss of revenue caused by security breaches, theft of credit card and bank data, intellectual property recovery, and first- and third-party virus clean-up in the event the virus detection program does not discover the virus.
EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) today announced that prior to quarter end it closed on the acquisition of Wisp Resort in McHenry, MD and will partner with Salt Lake City, UT based Everbright Pacific, an affiliate of Pacific Group, as the new operator of the resort.
com)-- Distributors and installers of iGlass Technology products will be able to easily communicate to their customers how exactly Wisp by iGlass Technology can improve their energy savings and the comfort of their homes and buildings.